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Mon, 10 Apr 2017

vibe.d 0.7.31 release

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This release is a backport release of the smaller changes that go into 0.8.0. The 0.7.x branch will continue to be maintained for a short while, but only bug fixes will be included from now on. Applications should switch to the 0.8.x branch as soon as possible.
Wed, 01 Mar 2017

vibe.d project highlight on the D blog

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Michael Parker has put together a project highlight on the official D blog, covering vibe.d's motivation, its current state and the plans for the future. It gives a good, brief overview of the project status.
Mon, 31 Oct 2016

vibe.d 0.7.30 release

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Following the latest DMD release, this version adds build support for DMD 2.072.0. A new authorization framework for the web interface generator has been implemented, the new diet-ng module can be used as a modern and improved replacement for the existing Diet template compiler, and as usual, a bunch of minor and major improvements and bug fixes is included.
Thu, 29 Sep 2016

Introducing Diet-NG

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The Diet template engine is the first part of vibe.d to be elevated to an independent library. The implementation has been rewritten from scratch, with many improvements in all areas.
Mon, 04 Jul 2016

vibe.d 0.7.29 release

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Brings a broad set of improvements and upgrades the code base for DMD 2.071.x. The URLRouter has also received some notable performance improvements.
Sat, 27 Feb 2016

vibe.d 0.7.28 hotfix release

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This is a hotfix release that fixes two critical regressions. The first one resulted in memory leaks or memory corruption, while the second one could cause TCP connections to hang indefinitely in the close() method for the libevent driver.