Open Source Projects

We have a strong commitment to Open Source software and share most of our work this way, so that anyone can profit from it. Of course, we also always welcome contributions to these projects. Another prime focus with our Open Source engagement is to help spreading the great D programming language by filling its ecosystem with quality components.


At it's heart, vibe.d is a high performance I/O and concurrency framework based on asynchronous I/O and green threads. Built around this core, it provides a full web application stack. vibe.d forms the basis for almost all of our own products and projects.

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Based on the desire for a fast and newsgroup (NNTP) compatible forum software, vibenews was created as an newsgroup server with an integrated web interface for modern browser based access. It has built-in support for extended Markdown formatting for optimal display on both, news readers and browsers.

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The standard package and build manager for D based projects. Initially created to enable extending the vibe.d ecosystem, it is now part of the official D language repository and not tied to vibe.d anymore.

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An alternative documentation generator compatible with Ddoc, the documentation generator built into the D compiler. It provides advanced layouts, cross-referencing, site maps, search and more.

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A simple embeddable blog engine. A special feature is its support for multiple blog instances running on the same database. The instances can display shared or exclusive categories.

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Other Projects

A number additional projects can be found in our GitHub repository.

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